Friday, October 7, 2011

3 Free Stock Footage Clips Took a Hike

Went for a walk the other day while the weather was nice.  Found just a little bit of inspiration, and thought I would share.  The "hiking" clip is a great POV shot you can use to convey movement, traveling or disorientation.  The other 2 stream clips are a great way to show the passage of time, changing of seasons (stream=sprint, leaf=autumn).

You can preview and download the clips by clicking "read more" below. Enjoy and Happy Downloading!

A beautifully bokeh point of view of lush green trees as seen from someone standing in the woods
Water rushes down a small area of a brook and almost creates a miniature waterfall
A dirty leaf sits idle in a stream while the water rushes around it.

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  1. Thanks for the brilliant free HD clips!

  2. How do I download the clips that do not have embed's below them. I.e. these just have one link. While other clips have multiple links (I choose the WMV's). Thanks!

    1. I've updated these 3 clips to include the Quicktime (PhotoJPEG) and Windows Media (WMV) options. These were some of the first few that I did, and at that time, the only option that was made available on the blog was MPEG-4 (H264). I am SLOWLY updating them though. Hope this helps!!!

  3. Love your work, all of your clips are excellent!

  4. Very high quality stuff here. I used this particular clip in the bridge of a music video I just completed:

  5. Very nice...lots of high quality footage here. I used this particular clip for a bridge in a music video I just completed:

  6. Thanks for sharing...a real gift x

  7. thank you for sharing - they are GREAT