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  1. On every page, "Click to Download" does not download. Instead it just links to another page. Very frustrating.

    1. It is. I understand it must be. For each clip though, I have to monitor, on average 3 downloadable files. At the moment, that means 600 different download links I need to maintain. The pages were meant to pool the footage into categories so they can be easily found. I'm trying to do quite a bit with very little, and by myself as well. If I were to try to put the direct download links here as well, I would be managing almost 1200 (at this time) different links. That would be frustrating as well. I unfortunately have to ride a fine line between what is fun/productive for me and what is efficient for the end user. Maybe sometime in the future, if there is any type of return from this venture, I'd be able to offer something more user friendly and efficient. Thanks for your comment. Sorry to be a pain.