Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 Clips for the Spiritual and Patriotic

I know I haven't been doing anything for the very large percentage of stock video users who specialize in "Spiritual Video".  I would say these 3 clips are a decent start, but know I will have more soon.  These clips could also be used for Veteran's Day which is coming up on November 11, 2011.

Note: The Cemetery Flag Clip is actually 3 shots packaged together

You can preview and download the clips by clicking "read more" below.  Happy Downloading!

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  1. You have done a wonderful thing creating this site... I love your video clips. Since it is the anniversary of the Sandy Hook School shooting massacre, and I forgot to post the video I made with 2 of your clips a year ago... I thought I would thank you for your work and leave a link to the video I made about the gun violence going on in the USA these days...

  2. Beautiful post.From the spiritual perspective,patriotism is love of one's own country,love of one's source.Your parents are your source; in the same way,your country is additionally your source.As a soul,you were staying in the soul's area.At that point you needed to take human incarnation and you required a country.The place that summoned your soul,the place that out of love,out of joy,out of kindness and concern consented to acknowledge you as its one of a kind,that place deserves your complete self's love while you are in the body.Thank you.

    --Betty Anderson.

  3. Big Fan Of Your Work, You Have Become Our Icon. We Just Finished Our Second Video. Again Thank You For Giving Back.
    Our Only Hope Is That We Can Bring Other To Admire Your Work As We Do.
    Thanks Again