Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pre-emtive Posting!

Just wanted to give everyone out there in my community a heads up.  Please don't open any shortcuts or links or hyperlinks or anything that you think MAY come from my blog.  I don't have a mass e-mail list, and Google trustingly will e-mail you when my blog is updated.  Looking at the statistics for recent visits has shown me that there are a few "SPAMBOT" sites out there repeatedly hitting this blog.  My guess is that they might be trying to sign in or do something. (Comment maybe?)  but so far I have gotten traffic from (not real), (not real), (not real), and (not real).

So please be careful when browsing and opening e-mails.  I would go so far as to say, if you see a comment on this site that carries a hyperlink, don't click on it.  I will do my best to stay vigilant.  All of the postings though are safe, safe, safe.  I will keep you updated if I ever need to change the linking, but they will always to be Uploadstation, Wupload, Youtube or  Unless it is a post detailing or promoting another site like which I did yesterday.


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