Saturday, September 26, 2015

1 Completely Free Stock Footage Clip Is up in Flames

I'm happy to offer this clip for you to use, but can't take 100% of the credit for it's creation.  What I mean by that, is this was created by using a free effects preset for After Effects by the amazing people over at RocketStock. They have a pretty awesome "freebie" (I like to consider it outreach) area where they offer this preset. While I did create the "solid" the effect was applied to, and  I manipulated and altered the flames to my liking, their free preset did a lot of the heavy lifting. So if you get a chance after downloading this, go check out RocketStock and see what they are all about, they deserve the traffic.

You are welcome to use this video in your projects you are working on, or keep it in your clip library for future work. The only thing you cannot do is turn around and offer it AS stock footage. Have fun with it!

You can preview and download the clip by clicking "read more" below.  Happy Downloading!

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This video was created using Adobe After Effects and Rocket Stock's Fire Effect Preset


  1. Hey, thanks for the link. love it!

  2. Hi, just wanted to say thank you very much for your wonderful clips and loops.

    If you want to see how I used them for my first project have a look here


  3. Hi thanks very much for your wonderful loops and clips.

    Here is how I have used them in my first project

    I've left a link to this site


  4. Used this a lyric video background...Thank you so much. I also provided a link below the vid for this website. Here's how it looks:

  5. can i use this opening video for commercial? (sorry about my Grammar).
    Its realy cool video, and a wanna use it for my opening Video thanks