Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1 Stock Footage Clip is Hoppy

Being a beer lover, it was inevitable that I would release at least one shot of the delicious brew.  It also gave me good practice at "product shots" (an area I've been interested in moving in to for a while).  I've also been wanting to expand my stock footage categories to include food and drink, so I need enough clips warrant it's own section.

If I learned anything from this shoot, it would be that cloth gloves are a MUST when working with both HD and glass items.  I could not get this pint glass clean enough!  This released footage is the best shot I got, and this is after processing the clip, as individual image files, through a batch action script created in Photoshop to utilize it's "content-aware fill' feature on EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF DUST.  The result isn't half bad.  The pour could have been better, and from what I hear, the trick is to slightly "de-carbonate" the drink with a tiny bit of sugar before filling the glass, to reduce the amount of head the pour produces.  Leave a comment below if you've had better luck using a different method.

I used my trusty F&V R-300 LED Ring Light again to light this clip.  It was pretty handy.  I put the light, face-up on the counter and placed the pint glass in the open center. I was pleased with the amount of light it produced without flicker, considering a frame rate of 240 fps and a shutter speed of 1/500.

(PS. For those Beer Enthusiasts out there who MUST know, this is a Shoals Pale Ale from Smuttynose Brewing Company; My absolute favorite is the Old Brown Dog, but I was afraid of the darker color my first time out)

You can preview and download the clip by clicking "read more" below.  Happy Downloading!

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This video was shot using a Sony NEX-FS700


  1. Oh my, I just drooled all over the keyboard! Great work!!!

  2. Giffing this beautiful shot! Than you

  3. Just what I need to introduce my article on Ode to Ninkasi, the 4000 year old document that contains a recipe for beer

  4. Thank you. Hope to use for Oktoberfest promo.

  5. thank you very much! hope to use for university reception :)