Monday, February 17, 2014

1 Stock Footage Clip Lets it Snow

I've been waiting a while for a day when the snow was falling just right.  We've gotten a lot of heavy sleety and misty powdery conditions, but nothing this "flaky".  Unlike a lot of stock snow clips you may find out there, this is 100% real, live-action weather.  Snow falling has been the most requested shot lately, so I am happy to deliver something somewhat usable.  This may be the best I can get.

I shot it with a slightly small depth of field and at 240 fps on the FS700.  The video nerd in me loves seeing the flakes that float through mostly in focus. You should also be able to do a nice overlay/screen effect using this on your existing footage to give it a nice "wintery" treatment.  As the clip is now, it's falling peacefully and almost picturesque.  Feel free to speed it up 10x if you are going for a more snowstorm type atmosphere.

You can preview and download the clips by clicking "read more" below.  Happy Downloading!

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This video was shot using a Sony NEX-FS700


  1. I'm using this for my Kickstarter video. Really nice.

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    I would really like to use your falling snow but the link wont work.

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  4. Such a nice collection!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!