Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1 Stock Footage Clip is Fast and Flurrious

We've been getting hit with some pretty nice snow bands here in Upstate NY.  I thought it might be fun to strap the camera in the passenger seat and record my trip home from work.  I don't see too many driving time lapse clips done in the winter out there.

I shot this at 1fps and dragged the shutter to 1/2 using the FS700, and honestly wish there was a little more light available.  I can't wait to get some lenses on this baby that can get wider than a F/4.0.  I pushed the levels in post just slightly, but didn't want to alter it too far away for the original. Please feel free to do what you like with it.

You can preview and download the clips by clicking "read more" below.  Happy Downloading!

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This video was shot using a Sony NEX-FS700


  1. It can get really scary when the roads get icy! This footage is so cool, because it makes the car look like it's going faster than it ever could with the roads looking like that. But seriously! icy roads are the beast to fear. One of my sisters was in a really bad car accident last winter when she hit ice and lost control of the car. Thankfully, she and her friend that was with her weren't hurt at all, but the car was completely totaled. It really can be scary out there!

    Stock footage

  2. You shoot such excellent footage, my friend. Thank you for providing it for free!