Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1 Stock Footage Clip Rakes it in

It seems like I am building a series here with this POV leaf raking clip.  If you remember my slow motion lawnmower video, I now have 2 point-of-view yard work clips in 2 separate seasons.  I'll make sure to create a snow shoveling one and one with possibly a garden spade or hoe or a hose sprayer for spring.

You can preview and download the clips by clicking "read more" below.  Happy Downloading!

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These videos were shot using a Sony NEX-FS700



  1. Amazing shots as always my friend.
    thank you so very much for making and sharing with us
    Have a wonderful day
    Leslie (beachlover34698) :):)

  2. I really appreciate all the time you take to upload your videos and make them free for us in multiple formats. I hope you get rewarded financially someday for the mounds of positive karma your efforts exude.

    I'm looking to use this clip (and a number of others from your site) in a documentary on human weirdness. While your clips aren't weird, in congress with contrasting audio, they can help create that atmosphere. IF completed, I'll be sure to post a link to it in the comments somewhere, and give you props in the credits.