Sunday, June 9, 2013

1 Clip is Raining Supreme

One of the amazing things about slow motion footage is how beautifully chaotic some of the simplest things are. I caught this during a rainstorm the other day and love the razor thin depth of field which allowed me to focus on a part of one leaf.  It was raining pretty hard, but you are able to only see the select few drops that hit this particular leaf.  You are seeing the rain fall at 240p played back at 30 frames per second.

You can preview and download the clip by clicking "read more" below.  Happy Downloading!

Macro focus on a single leaf during a rain storm

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This video was shot using a Sony NEX-FS700


  1. Hey Beachfront B-Roll!
    Really appreciate your effort and kindness to share these footages with us. I am working on a tutorial and I have used this footage in my project for 5 seconds, and I'll giveaway the project files to users, so can I include this footage in my project files which is 5 seconds only?
    I will still mention your name and link for this page.
    -Abhay Sharma

  2. Thanks very much for your excellent rainfall video. I'm editing an educational video for a professor of economics. He is lecturing on coffee production in Peru. This rainfall video is just what we needed!