Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We have finally made a Facebook Fan Page!

Hey everyone!  After 7 months and 80+ clips, I have finally gotten around to making a Facebook Fan page. 
Please, Please, Please take the time to go visit it at www.facebook.com/BeachfrontBRoll and give it a "like". I don't like not having any "friends" : ( 

I will be doing my best to populate the page with goodies.

It's just another way we can keep in contact and you can socialize with not only myself, but other stock video users. 

Please also do me a favor and pass this page around to others by suggesting it to any of your "friends" who would be interested in not only utilizing stock video footage or looping backgrounds, but who might also just be interested in watching a good video. 

You can also post and share your work with me!

Thanks a lot and I'll see you somewhere, whether it is on FB, Blogger or Youtube!

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