Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have been working on an updated way of organizing the many different clips offered here on this blog.  If you check out the Timelapse tab (or click here) you will see a new look I am going for in the individual pages.  It is slow but necessary work. 

It also lets me keep track of the files a lot easier, each download link on those pages brings you back to the original posting.  This way I only have to keep one link updated to make sure the files are available when you need them.

I wanted to include file hosting through Vimeo, but every HD file I uploaded to them was down-converted to 1280x720.  Wupload has also changed their hosting a little bit, and I am no longer able to keep track of the clips.  I will look for another file hosting site, but right now, Uploadstation is the reliable option. 

Stay tuned for many more clips soon!

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