Monday, September 19, 2011

Updating the pages

A few of you may have noticed a few changes since I started this blog.  Based on user suggestions, I have put Youtube previews up for each clip and I am now offering a second download option through Wupload.  I will also be uploading 1 clip per week (because that is the limit) to Vimeo, to give users a third download option. 

The file hosting has always been a question.  Most stock footage pay sites have an internal storage server that lets you download immediately after your purchase.  In order to keep things free on both my end and yours, I had to find sites that offered a large storage capacity, the ability for a user to download without signing up for an account,  and was free to use on both sides.  Both Uploadstation and Wupload offer these options.  Granted you may need to wait a pre-determined time before you can download the next file, this is still faster than many other free options.  Most editors will usually be coming here to download something specific for their project anyways.

In the future, I may offer category based DVD purchases, but for now I think a free option is the best option.  As the collection grows, I look forward to providing something for everyone.

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